Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Lompat Tinggi Melalui Media Gambar Dan Modifikasi Mistar Pada Siswa Kelas V SD Negeri Pasirsari 05 Tahun Pelajaran 2020-2021

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Lili Jaelani

Students in carrying out learning activities need a certain encouragement so that these students have an interest and activity when learning physical education. One alternative learning that can increase student activity and learning outcomes is to apply learning with the play method in a environment. This learning method is useful for students in increasing student activity and student learning outcomes, and students are fully actively involved in learning. Therefore, in the study of physical education, the subject of the high jump, the researchers applied the method of playing in a environment. The purpose of the application of the play method model in the environment is thatstudents are actively involved in learning activities and encourage students to be more creative, foster self-confidence in learning. The method used in this research is Classroom Action Research (CAR). This research was conducted at SD Negeri Pasirsari 05 Bekasi  Regency, with the research subjects being class V students, totaling 37 students. Researchers act as observers. Data was collected by means of observation, tests and questionnaires. For qualitative data analysis, student activity observation sheets were used and questionnaires were used to determine student responses, while for quantitative data, tests were used to determine student learning outcomes. This Classroom Action Research (CAR) has 2 cycles with the same subject matter, where each cycle consists of 4 stages, namely: planning, implementing actions, observing and reflecting. Student learning outcomes showed a fairly good increase seen from the average student learning outcomes for each cycle. The average student learning outcomes in the first cycle is 7.80 and the second cycle is 8. This is further strengthened by the observations of students who experienced a significant increase in student activity and student responses to the application of the method of playing in the environment with a presentation of cycle 1 64.86%. and cycle 2 92.43% The conclusion of this study shows that student learning outcomes have improved well, the results of student observations have increased student activity that supports the learning process and student responses to the method of playing in a environment are very good. For students, they should work together in learning so that there is a more significant increase in student learning outcomes and teachers are always looking for more effective learning innovations so that the learning process is not monotonous.