Upaya Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Matematika Pokok Bahasan Trigonometri Melalui Implementasi Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Team Assisted Individualization (TAI) Bagi Siswa Kelas X MIPA.4 SMAN 1 Kandanghaur Tahun Pelajaran 2020-2021

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One of the mathematical learning that is oriented to the mathematization of everyday experiences and applying mathematics in everyday life is realistic mathematics instruction. The mathematics instruction with realistic approach is an instructional approach that uses daily problems as a source of inspiration in the formation of concepts and apply the concepts or can be said a mathematics instruction based on the real things that refers to the social constructivist. The development of instructional mathematics with a realistic approach is one effort to improve students' ability for understanding mathematics and provide opportunities for students to reconstruct mathematical concepts, so students have a strong understanding of the mathematical concepts. These efforts are made in relation to the difference between the 'material' aspired by written curriculum (the intended curriculum) and taught material (implemented curriculum), and the difference between taught material and students learned material (realized curriculum). Mathematical learning with a realistic approach enables students to rediscover and reconstruct mathematical concepts, so that students have a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. The improvements of  learning  math  through realistic mathematics instruction of  SMA Negeri 1 Kandanghaur . The research aims to improve students’ability and interest in students’ kognitif and affective. It is expected to use the model and direction of research, will increase student learning outcomes and be able to increase the Cognitif and affectives of the students, especially in learning mathematic correctly. In the implementation of these improvement efforts, the learning process is planned, observeved, and evaluated the results in the second cycle of classroom study each of the 3 sessions. From the results of implementation of classroom action research in both cycle can be cocluded that learning  mathematic  through Superitem has improved in students learning outcomes. This can be seen in the results of evaluation cycle, The Minimum Criteria Of Mastery Learning of students of class five completely Math in total rose from 42.5 %, to 67.5 % at the first cycle until  to 95 % at scond cycle. They are also excited about work and be able to do in the time provided.

Keywords: Learning Improvement, Learning Mathematic, TAI.