Meningkatkan Keterampilan Lay Up Shoot Dalam Proses Belajar Mengajar Permainan Bola Basket Dengan Metode Tutorial Teman Sebaya Pada Siswa Kelas X. IPA II SMA Negeri 3 Cimahi Tahun Ajaran 2020-2021

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Tatang Suhendar

The research aimed to find out the increasing of lay up shoot skills in basket ball game. The learning model used in this research was using peer tutorial. The method in this research is class room action research, wich meants this research only applied to the tested class. Subject of the research are student of X.IPA II class of SMA Negeri 3 Cimahi that consist of 28 students. The research will seek and compare test result from pra-test to cycle 3 result. Result from pra-test showed 53,57 % get good result from all of class,which means the students skill in lay up shootof basket ball game is still bad. In the first cycle there was an improvement to 62,28 %, the second cycle is an increase of 71,42 % , point of students lay up shoot skill, but in all off the class percentage the point were still below of KKM criteria of Penjaskes subject. In the third cycle obtained value of 82,14 %, which already reach the criteria that wanted in this research, and type of peer tutorial model can increase the students lay up shoot skill of basket ball game and also improve the students passion in Penjaskes learning process.this increasing could be reached because student have a big interest when they applied the learning model of this lay up shoot skill, which they can do it in joy an helped each other between the groups of students theat not yet able to do it properly and the groups that already do it well. With peer tutors can eliminate awkwardness. They have no sense of shyness, inferiority and embarrassment so the process works more effectively.

Keywords: Teaching methods of peer tutoring, Skill lay up shoot basket ball